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Streamlining Bad Credit Loans In The UK

If you currently have bad credit, it isn’t always that easy to find a place that can offer you the amount, the rate, or the length of time that you need to pay back the loan that you get. Part of this is because there will be lenders that take advantage of your situation by lending to you on the condition that they make more money or achieve better terms.

So is it possible for payday loans for bad credit to actually be like loans that good credit individuals receive when they apply?
The answer is, quite probably. Here are some options that can help you streamline your bad credit loan in the UK:
Find the right partner:
There are sites that will promise you good terms and even deliver in the short term. But then something happens and they change their policies, causing you to start over again with someone else. So finding a solid partner that has been doing business the same way for years is a better option. Sites like BadCreditSite.co.uk are known for their ability to create streamlined loans that approximate what those with good credit normally receive. They are also able to provide you with a larger range of lenders that can take care of your needs while you wait.
Find the right process:
It can be somewhat frustrating to visit a site, enter in your information and then have to spend hours filling in applications in order to get a small amount of money. Fortunately, there are sites that allow people to visit, enter a small amount of information, and then get instant approval from a representative or a lender. If you get involved with a poor credit payday loans on a site like that, you will likely be approved within 15 or 20 minutes.
Find the right loan:
Although an online loan that gives you money in your bank account within a day or so may seem like the best deal, don’t forget that there are other types of loans like doorstep loans. With a doorstep loan, you can have a more personal experience that might end up being more convenient for you if you work from home.
It isn’t always easy to connect with best lender on your first try. Yet if you look at places like the BadCreditSite.co.uk website ahead of others that provide payday loans for bad credit, you should end up with a much better experience.

Types of Credit and how they Impact your Credit Score

Credit Score

Having a poor credit score may not be the end of the world for you–but it certainly limits your future endeavors when it comes to bigger purchases.

Unless you are sitting on a big mountain of cash, the most often sought after approach to buy a home or your first car is, take out a loan.

Which brings us to credit. What is it? How does it impact you for the better and for the worse? What types of credit are there and what is a good score to have? These questions and more will be answered in this article, so you have a better understanding in how certain types of credit can impact your credit score and more importantly–your future.

Credit Score

Credit 101: What Is It?

When the haves gives to the have-nots but with conditions attached, is a form of credit. Or, when one party trusts to provide another party a valuable resource that will need to be reimbursed over a period of time.

Typically, there will be a risk associated with this kind of lending. The higher the risk, the higher the interest.

What Is A Credit Score?

Furthermore, a credit score is a system that lenders use to evaluate the risk involved in lending a party money. Banks, mortgage companies, landlords, credit card companies and cable providers may all look at your credit score to determine what they will provide or lend you.

 What Is A Good Credit Score?

According to one of the leading credit reporting agencies, Experian, a credit score above 700 is considered good, while a score above 800 is immaculate. Most people fall in around 600-750. Anything below the 500 mark is getting dicey.

 Why Is It Important To Have A Good Credit Score?

It certainly will help in lower your interest rate, but it also establishes trust to financial institutions and lenders. This will allow you to qualify in taking out a higher amount of money if you decide one day you want to buy a home or a nice car.

It’s also good for self-esteem, image, and can even affect what kind of job you get.

What Are The Types Of Credit?

According to Credit Karma, there are three types of credit accounts out there.


This is the most common type of account, that are typically affiliated with credit cards and different forms of payment arrangements by the month.

Moreover, a minimum portion is often required to be paid, in which a remaining balance is rolled over or revolved to the next month usually involving a higher interest rate.


The borrower is required to pay a fixed sum of what was borrowed each month until the balance is satisfied. A good example would be a college loan.

Other factors include interest rates and the time period of the payment arrangement.


These kinds of accounts usually don’t reflect on your credit score unless you default on the payment arrangement. There’s usually no interest involved either, which is one of the reasons it doesn’t get reported to Experian or TransUnion.

Most often, this will involve a cable bill or a cell phone, in which a particular amount is required to be paid in full each month.

 How They Impact Your Credit Score?

As noted, the account that has the least effect on your score is the open account. However, on the installment and revolving accounts, if you end up paying late regardless of the example, this can produce a penalty towards your credit score. If you don’t pay the balance at all, a collections agency will get involved, which will spell disastrous for the score overall jeopardizing what you are able to qualify for.

But, if you take out that credit card, pay your bill on time and keep everything in good standing, this will help you improve by boosting your credit score.

 The Final Score:

If you take into account everything above, then having good and bad credit should be important to you and your future. While it’s never too late to build better or good credit, you don’t want to get into the habit or building bad credit.

For a brighter financial future, be mindful and careful of the different types of credit accounts you have. If you do this on top of paying your bills on time, you will have no problem keeping your credit score in good standing.

Tips for Using Payday Loans

Payday Loans

Misusing money is one of the problems people have especially when they have a lump sum. A lot of people have applied for loans to solve unexpected occurrence only to divert the loan to other uses. This is wrong and it is caused by a number of factors such as lack of planning, lack or poor financial advice etc. If you are considering taking a payday loan to solve a financial emergency you are having, you need to consider the following tips to avoid making mistakes.

Payday Loans

1. What is your payday for?

This should be the first thing to consider before applying for a loan because you may end up accruing high-interest levels. If you are not careful, you may end up paying up to 400% interest on a two weeks’ payday loan of approximately $100. You should only take the loan to cover a reduction in cash flow and not to cover general living expenses or settle monthly bills. You may end up in a cycle of paying a loan and taking another to survive. If you misuse the loan, you might end up defaulting on your payment or taking another loan right after repaying the original. You have to be very cautious what you are planning to use the loan for, how you are planning to repay it and how long you should have the loan repaid. Take also into consideration the interest rates because they may turn out to be exceptionally high!

2. Can you afford to pay the interest?

Although different states in the US have implemented strict caps on loan amounts and the total amount of money repayable, payday loans are not regulated. Therefore, the interest rates can fluctuate wildly from approximately 237% upwards depending on your state, individual lender, duration of the agreement and other variable factors. Therefore, before taking a loan, you should understand the interest rates offered and calculate the total amount repayable at the end of your agreement. It is advisable to read and retain any fine print that is associated with your loan agreement for future reference. You should never sign any agreement if you’ve not read and understood it because you could end up paying extremely high-interest rates!

3. Avoid using multiple lenders:

Although you may need more supplements to fix your problems, you are not supposed to get loans from different money lenders. In fact, it can be illegal to have more than one advance on a single paycheck. Besides, you may not be able to make the agreed payment in full if your debt exceeds your monthly salary. As discussed above, you should not have a payday loan to pay your monthly bills or living expenses. Rather, you should apply for a payday loan because you have an emergency financial problem that needs to be solved.

These type of loans have been very beneficial to a lot of people who have found themselves in a financial crisis. You should pay attention to affiliated interest rates and terms of your loan to avoid breaching the terms or failing to pay the loan. Finally, when applying for the loan, you can ask as many questions as possible to help you avoid having any blind spots.

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